Superior Security Outcomes
as-a-service using Sophos MDR

3 reasons why organizations are struggling in keeping up with the cybersecurity demands:

Cyberthreats Are Accelerating in Volume and Sophistication

Cybersecurity Tools Are Overwhelmingly Costly and Complex

Hiring and Retaining Cybersecurity Experts Has Become Fiercely Competitive

At Magnamious, we take cognizance of this fact. We work closely with Sophos, the global leader in Cyber Security solutions, to help organizations in protecting their businesses in a cost effective yet efficient manner without compromising on security.

Introducing Sophos MDR: Effective Cybersecurity as a Service.

Here are a 5 reasons that you get superior security outcomes delivered as a service.

24/7 Threat Detection and Response

Instant Security Operations Center &
Expert-Led threat Hunting

Full-Scale Incident Response Capabilities

Superior Cybersecurity Outcomes

Proven Outcomes of working with Sophos MDR

Less Risk

0 %

Reduction in incidents that require investigation

Greater Efficiency

-20 X

More efficient IT Teams

Lower Costs

-20 X

Less expensive than managing in-house

Sophos MDR process advantage

Sophos MDR is a combination of Multi-technology MDR and Single Vendor MDR.

No need to replace existing cybersecurity tools

Delivered using our integrated tools, third-party tools, or any combination of the two

Customized service levels from detailed notification to full-scale incident response

Industry-Leading Openness and Flexibility

Industry-Leading Adaptiveness

Industry-Leading Service Tiers

Gartner Peer Insights Leader

The highest rated and most reviewed solutions across MDR, Endpoint, and Firewall

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