HPE – Aruba Alliance

Aruba, a leading provider of networking and wireless solutions, is empowering customers in the banking, insurance, financial tech, pharma, manufacturing, and IT/ITES sectors with its innovative offerings. Their comprehensive portfolio includes intelligent edge switches, secure access points, and advanced network management tools. By leveraging Aruba’s solutions, organizations can establish reliable and secure networks that facilitate seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity. With features like AI-powered analytics, network automation, and robust security protocols, Aruba enables businesses to optimize network performance, streamline operations, and ensure a seamless user experience. Aruba’s customer-centric approach and industry-leading technology make them a trusted partner for organizations seeking scalable, secure, and high-performing networking solutions to drive their digital transformation journey.


Highlights of Magnamious for "HPE – Aruba" Alliance.

Wireless Network Design and Deployment

Tailored design and implementation of secure and scalable wireless networks.

Network Access Control

Enabling granular control over network access and ensuring data security.

Wi-Fi Optimization and Performance Enhancement

Proactively identifying and resolving network performance issues.

Guest Wi-Fi Solutions

Seamless and secure guest Wi-Fi access for enhanced user experience.

Location-based Services

Leveraging location-based analytics and services for business insights.

Network Management and Monitoring

Proactive management and monitoring of wireless networks.

Secure BYOD Solutions

Enabling secure and seamless BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives.

Wi-Fi Analytics and Reporting

Capturing and analyzing Wi-Fi data for actionable insights.

Network Security and Threat Detection

Implementing robust security measures to protect wireless networks.

Expert Consultation and Support

Dedicated assistance in implementing and managing Aruba wireless solutions.


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