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We offer a comprehensive range of IT services and solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our expertise spans data center managed services, IT service management (ITSM), IT auditing, network management, wireless and VPN management, mail and messaging management, OS management, backup management, database management, security and antivirus management, help desk and call desk management, desktop and client-side support, remote support and troubleshooting, and IT staffing. With a focus on delivering exceptional service and exceeding client expectations, we provide tailored solutions that optimize IT operations, enhance security, and drive business growth. Partner with us to experience reliable and efficient IT services that propel your organization towards success.

FMS Expertise

Data Centre Managed Services & ITSM

Comprehensive management and support of data center infrastructure, coupled with effective IT service management practices.

IT Auditing & Security Compliance

Conducting comprehensive audits to assess IT systems, processes, and ensure compliance with security standards.

Network Management (LAN & WAN) & Wireless Connectivity

Proactive management and support of both local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), including wireless connectivity.

Mail and Messaging Management & Help Desk Support

Efficient management of mail and messaging systems, coupled with responsive help desk support for prompt issue resolution.

OS Management & Backup Solutions

 Managing operating systems and implementing robust backup solutions for data protection and disaster recovery.

Database Management & Security

 Expert administration of databases, ensuring data integrity, availability, and implementing security measures.

Other Services by Magnamious

Our Services Include Technology Consulting, Solution Architecture And Management, Implementation And Training Support, Service Level Management, Professional And Managed Services.

Microsoft Services

Citrix Services

Sophos Services

Fortinet Services

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