Business Continuity &
Disaster Recovery with Azure

Prepare your organization for the UNPREDICTABLE!

Reported ransom paid
$ 400 M
average cost of downtime for large enterprises **
$ 0 k/min
of businesses had some sort of outages in past 3 years***
0 %

** Source: Webtribunal
***Source: Uptime institute report 2021 Data Center Industry Survey Results – Uptime Institute

is inevitable.

Several factors and outside circumstances, like natural disasters, can cause apps to go offline without notice.

Downtime causes tangible impact to business.

When apps are down services become unavailable to organizations and customers. 

can mitigate losses.

Outages may be permanent, and proper BCDR planning not only ensures that business can continue operating but that data is not permanently lost

Magnamious can help you choose the right BCDR Methodology

8+ Microsoft Certified Resources

100+ Workloads protected

Extensive Experience of Azure framework

Manage Service Capabilites

Azure BCDR Methodologies

Protect in Azure

  • Strategy for workloads run in Azure.
  • Uses one or more additional Azure
    regions as failover locations

Protect to Azure

  • Strategy for workloads that run on premises.
  • Uses Azure as a failover location instead of another self-hosted datacenter.

Protect your IT Assets from

Data corruption and deletion

Outages and natural disasters



Protect In Azure

The method used to achieve your desired BCDR goals may span across a combination of Azure tools and services, application architecture, and operational processes.

Azure Backup: Modern enterprise-class backup solution!

Azure Backup is a simple, secure, cost-effective manage at-scale built-in backup solution to protect diverse set of workloads in Azure:

  • Infrastructure, databases, and storage
  • Backup with ease from a central location diverse set of workloads – Azure Windows/Linux VMs, databases (SQL Server, SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, Oracle) and storage workloads (Azure Files/Disks/Blobs)
  • Trusted partner ecosystem: Extend your on-premises strategy to Azure with help from our partners


Experience less overhead with zero-infra backup solution and self-service restores


Safeguard backups against ransomware, accidental deletions and outages


Predict backup cost with precision and save money with cheaper storage

Manage at-scale

Monitor, operate, govern and plan backups at scale from a central  pane of glass

Diverse workload support

Protect database and storage workloads across IaaS and PaaS deployments

Reference Architecture

  • Choose from our ecosystem for your unique workload needs
  • Continue using your preferred BCDR solution for your migrated workloads
  • Leverage SaaS on Azure ISV solutions for air gapped storage of your backups
  • Store cost-effectively on the secure & durable Azure Storage platform
  • Stay compliant

Protect To Azure

Azure can be used as a secondary, highly-resilient failover location for workloads running in your existing datacenters, offering backup and recovery.

Create a response plan and adopt the right tools

Adopt an internal culture of Zero Trust, assumed breach, and good security hygiene and posture. Implement a system of data recovery/backup and secure access.

Related capabilities

  • Remote access
  • Zero Trust
  • Security posture
  • Data backup

Prevent attackers from
getting in

Harden the security perimeter by leveraging best-in-class security workloads.
Deploy comprehensive prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

Related capabilities

  • SIEM + XDR for prevention, detection, and response
  • Cross-workload security

Protect critical data from compromise

Minimize the potential for lateral movement and privilege escalation should an attacker gain an entry point.

Related capabilities

  • Internal process/access management
  • Data backup and business continuity

The cost of Azure is based on consumption

Azure only charges for resources used at the time of and during failover. By contrast, on-premises datacenters come with upfront costs (e.g., facilities, hardware, electricity and cooling costs).

Resiliency is built in

Azure’s fabric is far more resilient than most on-premises datacenters.

Azure gives you options

It offers multiple native and third-party workload protection options by replicating live servers to Azure regions—with no impact on production workloads.

Broad ISV ecosystem

Leading data protection ISVs partner with Azure to help customers protect their critical data

Reference Architecture

  • Backup data/apps to Azure as a durable offsite

  • Store securely & cost-effectively  in Azure Storage

  • Use Azure as a secure & cost-effective DR site

  • Migrate and protect in Azure

  • Stay compliant

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